Sparkling Christmas Tree

I can almost start showing you pictures from my Fall Fest Retreat last month. This is one of the cards that were swapped that day.
I believe Jackie V. made this card. She had never stamped before but wanted to come join in the fun. Her friend Tammy helped design the card, showed her how to cut it out and Jackie stamped and assembled the card.
Not bad for a new stamper, huh …. well she tied for 1st place. Everyone in attendance voted on their favorite 1st, 2nd and 3rd card and Jackie tied for 1st place. Isn't that AWESOME.
I can't wait to start planning for next year's retreat. You should come and join the fun. Wait until you see the projects we did this year. Keep coming back to check them all out.

Stamping for Our Troops

Are you up for a night of stamping for others?  How about cards for our military men & women around the world!!!

2013 Support Our Troops
This picture is from last year's Operation Support our Troops stamping night.  I designed cards, cut and prepped them for everyone to stamp.  The night of the event lots of my customers came to stamp cards that were sent to our military brothers, sisters, sons, daughters overseas.

The admittance to attend the event was donation of toiletries and basic items that are sent in care packages for these wonderful men and women.

 2013 Support Our Troops Donations
This is a picture of some of the items donated.  My wonderful stampers overflowed THREE large boxes of the items on the list.

I just scheduled this year's Stamping for Our Troops night — Tuesday, November 18th.  Won't you join us?  I am designing and prepping three different cards for everyone to make.  We will have little notes for everyone to sign to be put in the cards.  Everyone that attends will get to make one project that they get to take home, all the other cards will go in the boxes.

Cost to attend this fun night of stamping — DONATIONS — items on the list below AND other cards that you have laying around.

Items Needed:
Antacids (Tums,Rolaids) — rolls or bottles less than 100 count
Anti-itch or antibiotic creams
Body Wash (18 oz. of less — plastic only)
Eye Drops
Foot Powder
Instant Hand or Foot Warmers
Lotion for men (12 oz. or less)
Mouthwash (500 ml or less)
Nasal Spray
Over the counter cold medicine
Socks — white or black athletic — crew length — no visible logos
Vitamins (100 count or less)
Wipes (100 count or less)
Shampoo — 18 oz. or less — plastic only
AA Batteries
Cold drink mix packets — Propel, Gatorade, etc. to add to bottled water
Microwave Popcorn
Vitamin C Drops
1 lb. Bags/cans of Ground Coffee
Trail Mix — 24 oz. or less
Slim Jims
Canned Nuts — 20 oz. or less
Individual packets of powdered creamer
Individual packets coffee, tea or hot chocolate
Granola bars

Remember — the more the merrier for a great night of stamping and helping others just as the holiday season begins.

Falling Leaves

It's Your DayHere's a Simply Stunning card that is quick and easy.  You could use this card for a birthday or for just about any occasion.

The stamp set used is Fall Fest for the falling leaves and Fabulous Four for the words.  I even decorated the inside of the card this time.