Fall Fest Continues

I forgot to show you how the day started.  Everyone arrived just before 9:00 a.m.  I made them line up in the hall way until time to open the stamping room.  Here's the picture of everyone with happy smiling faces waiting for a fun filled day of stamping.  
Waiting to Get In

When I opened the door to let them in bag full of goodies and specially designed Fall Fest Mug were sitting on the table waiting for them.
Bag & MugThey loved their new mugs.  I had a Keurig machine set up with Apple Cider, Hot Cocoa, Coffee, Tea and flavored creamers –  great way to start the day.

Once they finished the first project I passed out a little treat bag that was filled with caramel corn.
Fall Treat BagEveryone enjoyed that sweet little treat.  Then they moved on to Project #2 — which was the longest project of the day.  
Card BoxThis cute card gift box was filled with five Christmas cards, five 3" x 3" note cards, five tags and a bunch of clothespins to attach the note cards and tags. 
Come back tomorrow to see all fifteen items in the box.

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